Designing Your Model

This step is all about creating a visual model that represents the steps that your Ideal Client would experience when they work with you.  And just like registering a proprietary name with the government, this step is NOT critical. So don’t think you have to suddenly become a graphics expert. Keep it simple and don’t sweat over this step. A very simple three model is normally the best approach. You’ll see below in my model I have ten parts which works really well for a book but for my webinar I only use three parts and that’s what we’re after here: a three part model that you can use in the “demonstration” part of the presentation you’ll be creating, that shows your audience “how it all works.”

Use the IP: Model Brainstorm section of the workbook to think about the way you help your clients achieve transformation. Then, you can begin with PowerPoint. Using PowerPoint, create a model that you can use to share how you deliver value for your clients differently than anyone else can. Here are some templates to get you started – modify them to suit your brand.

I’ve attached a couple of examples in the downloads below, to get your creative juices flowing. To give you a reminder of what this might look like, here’s mine as a simple 3 parts for my webinar:

CT ,odel

Don’t worry if yours isn’t perfect. Once you are ready, you can either send it off to your graphic artist, or, if you don’t have someone like this yet, get in touch with my graphics lady, Marites, or find one of your own using Upwork.


Before you move on to the next step, please make sure that you have:

  • Designed a model
  • Connected with a graphic artist to design your model (if you need to)

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