OPTIONAL: Useful Equipment

There are a few bits of equipment that you might find useful as you prepare for your presentation. These aren’t required, but I’ll suggest them here as they make my life easier and I hope they will do the same for you.

Second monitor

desktop in the light office on the table are two monitors, a lap
I find that having two monitors makes a big difference when conducting presentations online. Most computers and laptops now come with the facility to use an external monitor by default, so if you do spring for an additional monitor, you shouldn’t need anything else other than the second display and the appropriate cable.

When you run PowerPoint in “Presenter View”, you will be able to see the featured slide that your audience can see on one monitor, and your webinar control panel, the PowerPoint navigation buttons and notes on the second display.

Once you have run your presentation many times and you know it inside out, one monitor will be fine, but if you need to refer to notes and you don’t want the attendees seeing those notes then a dual display setup using “Presenter View” is the way to go. Start PowerPoint up in Presenter View before you start your presentation by going to the “Slide Show” tab and checking the box next to the words “Use Presenter View”.

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