AI Presentation Script Builder

Welcome to My AI Content Script Writer

Instructions:Please select the particular module for you based on the content you are wanting to generate. Once you click on the selected module a form will open up for you. Answer the questions in the form. Copy and paste the answers you get into a separate document and finalise from there. You can always reuse the tool to get more answers for your Live Online Demonstration Event. 

AI Presentation Script Writer

High Interest Headline Generator:

Use the AI to create high-converting headlines based on my proven frameworks. 

Intrigue Opener:

Use the AI to write the opening to your Live Online Demonstration Event.

New Opportunity Optimiser:

Use the AI to help you create the Framing My Opportunity section of your presentation.

Discovery Story Designer:

Use the AI tooll to write a draft of your very own discovery story. 

Roadmap Writer:

Use the AI tool to create your roadmap to results. 

Profitable Program Builder:

Use the AI to optimise and build your offer. 

Bullet Point Builder:

Use the AI tool to write a draft of your bullet points for your presentation.

Transition Transciber

Use the AI tool to create your teaching to offer transition in your presentation. 

Sales Call Structurer:

Use the AI to structure your sales call to action script for your post live event call.

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