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Welcome to Online Programs Profit Mastery!

In this easy-to-implement 5-part course, I’ll guide you through a proven process for:

  • Outlining and naming your program.
  • Choosing the best delivery method (1-1, group, or course).
  • Pricing your program for maximum profits.
  • Creating compelling bonuses and incentives to boost sales.
  • Utilizing my AI-Powered Profitable Program Builder to generate ideas.

Begin with Day 1 of the program below. Watch the short video and complete the worksheet before moving on to the next day’s content. Use the AI tool for inspiration.

Whether you’re optimizing an existing program or launching a new one, this 5-day challenge will be the most valuable time you invest in your business this year!

Dive in and get started!

To Your Success,
Nyrie Roos
Online Program Profit Mastery 

Meet Your Hostess!

Nyrie Roos is a Marketing Mentor who started her first business in 2008 after taking a ‘leap of faith’ from the corporate world. During her time she’s managed teams of over 100 people and annual revenue of more than 20 million.

She is a co founder of a digital marketing agency called Explosion Marketing.

These days Nyrie’s thing is helping people just like you create online training events (both live and automated) that convert.

Nyrie believes mastering profitable online events is the best way to consistently generate leads and sales for your business and has developed a learning program especially for people who offer services, advice, or software where the average sale price is a thousand dollars or more.

Nyrie’s Live Training Events system generates a consistent stream of high-quality, inbound, new client enquiries into businesses almost every week of the year, and she wants to share this with you!

Over 1,000 business owners across different industries and 4 continents have worked with her and many have gone on to add millions to their earnings.

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