30 Days of Monthly Content

Here’s where you can download your monthly content as part of the LinkedIn L.E.A.D.S. Membership. 

Please Note: At the end of the month, the content files for that month will be removed as we’ll upload the next month’s content. Please be sure to download the content to your computer as soon as you can so you don’t miss it. 

The video explains how you can edit the content, how to use it, and how to get additional content ideas. 

The content provided may need to be edited to better fit your industry, personality, and product/service. 

We’re providing content for you each month to minimise the time and mental drain of trying to come up with content from scratch. 

If you’d like to have specific content created specifically for your brand and product/service, please email support@impactforleads.com and we can refer you to the person we use as our branding specialist and they can give you a quote for creating specific content for your business. 

Here’s the link to December’s content copy and images:

December Copy/Text Content

Here’s the November link to the individual editable images in Canva:

December Canva Editable Images

Here’s the November link to the individual non-editable images:

December Non-Editable Images

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