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The Conversion Accelerator Launchpad 4.0

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Welcome to The Conversion Accelerator Launchpad 4.0! (Powered By AI)

Create and Launch Your AI-Assisted Sales Live Online demonstration Event in a Fraction of the Time…

Here’s What to Do First…

1. Click the “Module 1: Orientation To The Program” box below to understand how to best use the Conversion Accelerator Launchpad 4.0.

2. It’s important that you go through the entire program starting with the Orientation and then Module 2: Optimising Your  Event.

3. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at

4. If you want more support creating and launching your webinar, click on “Build My Event” and book a call with me directly.

What you will learn to do inside The Conversion Accelerator Launchpad 4.0:

    • Plan your Live Online Demonstration Event for success.

    • Use my AI-powered application to write your Live Online Demonstration Event in record time. Script and structure your Live Online Demonstration Event so it sells.

    • Put together your slide presentation using pre-made decks.

    • Set up simple Live Online Demonstration Event software.

    • Easily invite people to attend.

    • Confidently host your new webinar.

    • Follow up with your Live Online Demonstration Event registrants to double your sales.

    • Enroll those leads using proven sales scripts.

I’m excited to have you join me inside the Launchpad!

To Your Success,

Nyrie Roos
Your Instructor for The Conversion Accelerator Launchpad 4.0

Module 1: Orientation To The Program

Module 4: Setting Up and Promoting Your Event

Module 5: Hosting Your Live Event

Module 6: Following Up After Your Event

Module 7: My Templates and Emails

Module 8: Successful Event Examples

Module 9: Getting and Using Referal Partners

Module 10: My Sales Call Script

Module 12: AI Email Script Writer

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