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Selling Your Call as a Valuable Offer

Read the Instrutions Below

Instructions: When you are running a Lead Generation Live Online Demonstration Event what you are selling at the end is a call with you and your team. We want to position that call as a valuable service by itself. Something to be desired. 

This will increase the book-a-call conversion rate for your event. We want to name our call something compelling and come up with value adds.

  1. Copy the core prompt and paste it in the AI builder. 
  2. Adjust the bracketed areas following the prompt within the builder.
  3. Click ‘Generate Script.’
  4. Adjust your script manually right within the field or have the AI regenerate your script. 

Core Prompt

I’m hosting a Live Online Demonstration Event about (insert the topic) and my goal is to get people attending that want to book a call and speak to me after the event. Help me come up with 10 names I might use to make my call more enticing. Use names ending in audit, strategy session or clarity session.

Example: Intuitive Coaching Analysis
Fast Start Intuitive Strategy Session
30-minute Intuitive Growth Strategy Session.

Re Prompt

Instructions:  Add your call name to slide 72# on your Pre Made Slide Deck.

The AI Launchpad builder

Instructions: Add your call prompt to the field below, adjust the bracketed area and hit Generate Script.

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