Your Proof

The Proof / The Transformation slide or slides is your opportunity to provide the strongest possible evidence that you are capable of delivering on the promise that you have made in your title.

Here are four options for delivering Proof or Transformation:

  1. Proof: Use evidence in screenshots
  2. Proof: Present a case study
  3. Transformation: Before-and-after
  4. Transformation: Jack and Jane

REMEMBER: If you’re using one of the Transformation options, you’ll want to change the agenda item from The Proof to The Transformation. You’ll only use one or the other.

Proof: Use evidence in screenshots

The best way to give Proof that you can do what you say you will, u00a0is to provide screenshots of results.

For example, I provide a screenshot showing 72 consult bookings over 90 days. Then I show a screenshot from the shopping cart showing an average sales volume of some $97,000 per month over the same 90 days. But not everyone can show evidence by way of numbers and screenshots. For starters, some people donu2019t have those sorts of results because they might have just launched their business and also there are many services which donu2019t produce numerical results. So, there are several other ways that you can deliver Proof. While not as strong as the screenshot-style evidence they are still powerful.

Proof: Present a case study

After screenshots of real results, the second way that you can offer evidence is by presenting one or two case studies. A case study is similar to the testimonials that you created earlier. One of the key differences is that the case study will feature a before and after comparison. For example, before I developed a systemised way to generate a steady stream of leads for our digital marketing agency my income was up and down like a rollercoaster and that caused me quite a lot of stress, but once I’d implemented the model the leads were flowing in almost every week, and I could finally enjoy the sort of lifestyle I’d once only dreaming of.

If you want a case study to say precisely what you want to say, then you’ll need to write it and ask a client to sign off on it if they feel comfortable with that. Both of the above methods for providing evidence are very powerful.

Transformation: Before-and-after

The fourth option is what I call Jack and Jane. Jack represents someone who has not been a client of yours and Jane represents someone who has been a client of yours. You list the symptoms in Jack’s life as best you can you match them to the symptoms that audience members will be experiencing. For example, my audience members often experience anxiety around where their next client is coming from. They often engage in random acts of marketingu which generates rollercoaster revenueu. When I describe Jack’s life or business in the context of the symptoms my audience is experiencing, then my audience can relate his symptoms to their own.  

Then you describe Jane’s life or business in terms of the symptoms that she has experienced having worked with you. If I was presenting this, Jane’s symptoms would include feeling secure about her financial future, getting to work with a client that she can help most because she is now choosing who she works with, and perhaps seeing her bank account balance grow along with a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. What I’m doing, of course, is describing the cenario here with Jane, and Jack described the before scenario.

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