Why Work With You?

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List the most desirable features

Now we’re going to identify Eight Reasons Why your Ideal Clients would logically and rationally regard your service as their very best choice. These reasons will have three characteristics:
  1. They will contain specific features e.g. instead of “we care about you” you might say “Every client gets my mobile phone number because I want you to know that I care that much about helping you feel supported”
  2. Ideally each of the eight reasons will be either different to what your competitors are saying about their service (preferable) or at the least articulated in a way that is different. (It probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, that and point of difference must also be desirable.)
  3. You must be able to substantiate each reason/feature e.g. if you guarantee satisfaction then state the terms of that guarantee.

So when you compile your list of Eight Reasons Why, make sure that each one contains specifics, is differentiated and is able to be substantiated.

  • Remember too that what you will be listing are not primarily the benefits that your client will enjoy after they have worked with you but rather you’ll focus on the reasons why working with you rather than someone else is their best choice. 

For example rather than saying “You’ll earn more money” which may be a benefit they’ll enjoy after they have worked with you and which your competitors would find it equally easy to claim, you might focus on how much support you offer by saying for example “I’ll be personally available via your own exclusive online direct messaging room so you’ll have easy and fast access to me either from your computer or your mobile phone”

You don’t have to exclusively focus on “how” your clients will work with you. For example you may be able to say “We get results in less than 90 days” which is a benefit but it also states that you deliver the value faster, which in itself could be said to be a feature.

Identify your Ideal Client’s frustrations

How can you possibly know what someone else wants? Well, you’ve got to listen, try something, see what happens. Then, you listen again, try something new, and observe for a second time… and then you repeat this as many times as you need to. I call this the TAO of Marketing – Test and Observe.

Let’s try something. How would your Ideal Client fill out this statement?

In the past when I’ve worked with When I’ve worked with [your role e.g. coach/planner/SaaS] like [Your name] in the past, what’s frustrated me has been…

Here are two examples:

  • When I’ve worked with Accountants like Paul in the past what’s frustrated me is getting “bill shock” when I open the end of year invoice.
  • When I’ve worked with Physiotherapists like Susan in the past I got frustrated never knowing how long I was going to be kept waiting for.

Use this statement to help you find at least three frustrations, then flip them around by creating a guarantee or a statement that minimizes or eliminates that concern in the mind of your potential Ideal Client.

These will form at least a few of your Eight Reasons Why.

Identify frequently asked questions

If you have any numbers of years experience in working with your current service then it’s likely that you’ve heard some questions repeated many times over.

For example, a business coach might be regularly be asked “how long will it take before I see an improvement in our results?”. That’s a clue for the business coach that getting results fast is important to the market, and an opportunity to state why and how measurable results will be achieved within a short time frame.

Write your Eight Reasons Why

Now, reference the list of desirable features that you just created, and write out your Eight Reasons Why, focusing on these things that make your offer desirable. Try to be really succinct with this. Articulate the specifics, but keep each reason short and sweet.

This will challenge you to come up with Eight Reasons Why your service is different and more desirable than your competitors’. But, with each reason, you’ll have to prove it to your Ideal Client. As soon as they think about what you’re offering, they will also think about how they can get that same benefit faster, cheaper or easier than you can provide it. Your Eight Reasons Why gives them eight very specific and clear reasons why you’re the best option. You become more desirable because you are different.

Check it twice

I want to save you some time on this, so it’s important that you have another look at your Eight Reasons Why before you share it with me for review. We’ve got to make sure you create real and provable competitive advantage. So, before your submit, please double check that you have:

  • addressed the most common frustrations and questions that your Ideal Client has
  • given reasons that are entirely unique to your business, expressed in a unique way, or not offered or promoted by many competitors
  • backed up each reason with a specific and provable feature
  • included at least one form of guarantee or risk reversal

Just a reminder that for every reason we need specifics. For example instead of saying you value customer service you could make this specific by saying that you have a 24/7 helpdesk, that you meet personally with each client once a week, or that every client gets your mobile phone number. These specifics make your promises more believable and also increases desirability.

Offering some form of risk mitigation, in the form of a guarantee or a trial, is a useful way to eliminate or minimize the sense of risk that many prospects will feel when they are thinking about committing to pay for your service.

You can offer a free trial period, or for clients to pay at the end of each month subject to their satisfaction. Or you can guarantee results – a very powerful form of guarantee – or you can guarantee client satisfaction.

Every guarantee needs to state what happens if it is claimed.

For example, are you offering to give money back or to repeat the service? Naturally, an unconditional money back guarantee is a very powerful offer and will satisfy most prospects that you back yourself to deliver on your promise.

Don’t attach too many conditions to your guarantee, otherwise there is no point in offering it.

Focus on any area that a prospect would naturally have concerns about and create a guarantee or risk mitigation method that offsets those concerns.

Other items that your prospects will often find desirable include a short timeframe for enjoying the benefits/results of your work together, a simple and easier method for implementation as well as how much support you’ll offer them.


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