Validating Your Message

Market Research

I recommend that you contact a bunch of people who fit your Ideal Client Profile (whether they are a current client or a past client or a potential future client), and present them with three versions of your customer value statement, and ask them which one would motivate them to want to know more. 

This way, you will get a consensus about which version of your statement is most attractive to your market, and you haven’t had to guess they’ve told you directly.

Here are the three steps you’ll need to work through to validate your customer value statement:

  1. List 15 people who fit your Ideal Client Profile
  2. Call those people and ask if you can send a quick email to ask their opinion about a new marketing message that you need to test (if you know them really well then you can skip this step)
  3. Email each person with your question

Who should you add to this list? Well, do make sure the people you choose fitu00a0 your Ideal Client Profile. In a perfect world, they would be a past or present clients because theyu2019ll be happy to help you with their option and they are qualified to comment. Please donu2019t include your family, social media contacts or partner on that list (unless, of course, these people are the perfect client for your business!).

Here’s my template that you can use or adapt.

Subject: Need feedback

Hi there [fname],

Thanks for agreeing to give me your opinion. All I need is for you to let me know which one of the following three messages would most motivate you to want to know more.

Iu2019m open to your comments as well, but if you can click Reply and email me back the number next to the statement that most motivates you, that would be great.

  1. [insert customer value statement number 1 here]
  2. [insert customer value statement number 2 here]
  3. [insert customer value statement number 3 here]


We need at least ten responses. If you have given three distinctly different options, it is likely that at least six people will pick the same option.

Regardless of the result, pick the message that motivated the most people to want to know more and make that one your Customer Value Statement. If you get a split vote, pick one!

It might seem that weu2019re being super careful with the process of creating your CVS but please know that’s critical that we get this right because a slight variation of your CVS will become the title of your presentation AND we’ll be using variations of it all the way through your presentat

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