How the Conversion Accelerator Works

Welcome to The Conversion Accelerator®

These next few steps will get you set up for success in the program.

How to use this program

The Conversion Accelerator® program consists of three parts:

    • Lessons (which you’re in right now)

    • Implementation Support Sessions (via Zoom)

    • Client Communication (via email)

There is coaching support on the Coaching Calls and the Call Recordings. This is just a quick overview. If you are a V.I.P member, we will schedule individual sessions with you that suits your busy schedule.


We’ll use a mixture of short videos, text, PDF downloads, and PowerPoint templates to complete my proven step-by-step method that will generate you a steady flow of clients. You’ll be able to read through most of the lessons in 5-10 minutes, so you can make progress even if you only have short blocks of time to dedicate.

It’s a good idea to mark each lesson as complete as you work through the content. That way, it’s easy to see where you left off.

We’ll also keep an eye on your progress – when we can see what you’ve completed, it helps me to help you.

Please note the while you are welcome to look ahead in the lessons, please don’t work ahead! Instead, follow the lessons, step by step, and resist the temptation to jump ahead to something “more interesting”. That will make implementing my model both smoother and swifter for you. Thanks for understanding.

REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you find that you keep getting kicked out of the modules then you will need to clear the cache in your browser and this web page will show you how to do that:

Coaching Support Sessions

Each Fortnight, my team and I facilitate Coaching Support Sessions because we’ve found that implementation is where most business owners need help. We recommend that you attend the session fortnightly and attend regularly or routinely listen to the recordings. This way you’ve put a “stake in the ground” to prioritize your marketing. You are certainly welcome to attend as many sessions per week as you’d like (many members do). You can access the most up to date calendar via  Coaching Calls.

All sessions happen via Zoom at:

Invite Link 

(when you click the link it will go straight to Zoom.

Passcode: 828861

We put it here for reference but you will find yourself in the middle of a session if you click it now.)

Time Commitment

Ideally, you’ll put aside 3 hours per week to complete your work on the program. The number of weeks you’ll need (at 8 hours a week) will depend on the options you’ve purchased, but for INDEPENDENT you should aim to host your first podcast interview within 12 weeks and to run your first Live Online Demonstration Event within 30 days. Some of you will have more or less time to dedicate each week – that’s up to you, but whatever your situation is, we’ve got you covered with our ongoing support.

The MOST important thing for you to do RIGHT NOW is to find a day or days in your weekly calendar and block out at least three hours every week on the same days and time every week. This is your Conversion Accelerator Discovery and Development time block.

A Word Of Caution

If you have been reading other marketing books or following other marketing recipes, it’s a good idea to pause on those while you work through this program. It’s not that they aren’t valuable, it’s just that you run the risk of mixing my recipe with theirs, or overwhelming yourself with too much to do at once. Feel free to carry on with other marketing advice once you’ve finished working through LeadsXplosiony®, but our goal is for you to implement the program correctly and secure yourself a regular flow of inbound new client enquiries.

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