Credibility: Writing Your Bio

And even if you are just starting out and even if you don’t have an academic background (most of my clients don’t) and you don’t have or can’t get testimonials, you may also be able to establish credibility by talking about your journey of how you got to doing what you do today.

By way of example… (from the video) that before I had testimonials, I told the story of how I spent tens of thousands of dollars and travelled around the world in search of an effective lead generation program only to end up disappointed and frustrated that I couldn’t find one. And I explained that’s how the program came about: as a result of a fruitless search. When I tell that story audiences can relate to where I was at and are delighted that I found a solution, which is the solution that they want also.

And remember too that in the video I gave the example of telling the story of your journey could be if you had a personal or business transformation and that inspired you to offer the service that you currently offer. The example I gave for this is my husband who was an acupuncturist because he had a medical condition that mainstream medicine could not help with. So he went to an acupuncturist and this life threatening condition vanished and it stayed vanished for years (and it has not returned after two decades). But his experience of that transformational acupuncture treatment inspired him to become an acupuncturist himself.


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