Choosing a Title

The first thing you’ll need to to do is to think about your Customer Value Statement that is going to help you form the title, and the focus of your presentation.

Remind yourself of the Customer Value Statement that you validated earlier.

Now, how can we turn this into a title for your presentation?

Some Customer Value Statements will need a little tweaking in order for them to make sense in the context of the title for your presentation. There are probably hundreds of ways to achieve this, but a classic title will start with ‘How to’ and then you’ll simply modify the balance of your customer value statement, so it makes sense.

For example, the customer value statement here in one of our programs is:

Enjoy a weekly flow of inbound

Customizing that is very easy:

How to enjoy a weekly flow of inbound new client enquiries.

A variation of that to spice things up a bit might be:

LeadsXplosion: how independent professionals in 27 cities and 15 time zones around the world are generating a weekly flow of inbound new client enquiries.

Play with the Customer Value Statement that was confirmed with your market test and come up with several options to test ou

How long should my title be?

How long is too long? How short is too short? Well, long enough to get the job done and then a short as possible. There is no too long or too short without the context.

The objective is twofold.

  1. We must achieve cut through. With got to get the attention of our ideal clients.
  2. We must motivate the audience to take action. In this case, taking action includes registering for and attending your online demonstration.

The good news is you’ve already done all the heavy lifting when you crafted your customer value statement. Now it’s simply a matter of fine tuning so it makes sense in the context of your title.

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