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Welcome to Profitable Online Events!

Follow a Proven Roadmap to Create and Promote Your First (or Next) Profitable Online Event.

Here’s What to Do First…

1. Make sure to get to know others in the program your fellow students, where you can network with other entrepreneurs or ask a question of the group.

2. Click on “Start Training” to be taken to the first module.

3. If you have any questions feel free to contact us in the “Support” section.

What you will discover inside the Profitable Online Events Workshop:

During Day 1 You’ll Discover:

  • Why consistently hosting Profitable Online Events is the best way to expand your visibility, explode your audience growth, and sell more of your products or services online.
  • The simplified 30,000 foot view of hosting profitable online events that focuses on the essential components while reducing or eliminating everything else.
  • How to select the perfect type of online event for your specific type of business. 
  • How to create an attractive topic and headline that draws your ideal client to your event.
  • The #1 conversion-killing mistake that will sink your online event every time.
  • How to plan for success by building a marketing narrative that leads your attendees excitedly to your offer.

During Day 2 You’ll Discover:

  • A simple offer optimization framework that can 2x to 5x the sellability of your offers during your events.
  • How to put together your Event Narrative which pre-sells your attendees on what they need to understand about you, themselves, and the opportunity you’re sharing to buy.
  • The three core elements that make up all successful online event marketing campaigns.
  • How to create profitable partnerships that get you in front of thousands of your ideal customers without spending a dime on ads. 
  • How to get personalized support from me and my team to implement what you learn.

During Day 3 You’ll Discover:

  • The top event selling mistakes and how to correct them. 
  • The top mindset blocks that will slow your growth.
  • The key skill sets to grow your expertise based business exponentially.
  • How you can get personalized help from me and my team.

I’m excited to have you join me for this life-changing event!

To Your Success,

Jon Schumacher
Your Host for Profitable Online Events

Meet Your Host

Hi, I’m Nyrie Roos.

Over the past 9 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients across multiple service industries helping them generate more than $50M in sales using Live Online Events and online selling strategies.

I’ve systemized how I build successful Live Online Events campaigns and put that process into The Conversion Accelerator for you to follow.

I currently live in Northern NSW, Australia with my husband. I enjoy the outdoors, exercise and helping others in need and helping them live a better life.

Thank you for coming into my world by being a part of this program!

I’ve consulted with billion-dollar companies, hundreds of solopreneurs and small businesses, and thousands of students from around the world. My clients and students have collectively generated over 50 million dollars in sales using online events.

Thank you for coming into my world by being a part of this event!

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