V.I.P Membership

V.I.P  membership gives you:

    • Access to all 69 online lessons
    • Weekly Zoom Support Sessions
    • Library with Q&A videos
    • Client Community Center
    • Title sign off by your Instructor
    • PPTX sign off by your Instructor
    • Webinar sign off by your Instructor
    • 24/7 Instructor messaging
    • Weekly 1:1 Instructor meeting
    • LinkedIn Audience System (12 lessons)
    • Sign off on PPTX by Nyrie Roos

Membership in the LeadsXplosion®  Program is genuinely limited.
I only take in 20 new clients at a time, so that I can effectively serve the needs of each and every client.

In return, I ask you to break with centuries-old tradition and read the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page in full, with due care and attention

(When you’re done reading, check the box at the end to indicate that you agree. I’ll send a copy of this agreement to your email address in case you ever want to refer back to it.)

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